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2 1/2 Day Demonstration Course

This is a demonstration course, where the sponsor provides a patient, usually from one of the dentists attending the course, and Dr. Turbyfill demonstrates how to make a denture for that particular patient.  Dr. Turbyfill will take you through all phases of preparing the diagnostic denture and will provide instructions for the final denture.  The dentist who provides the patient will finalize the denture for the patient.  The student will be taught:

  • How to re-establish upper and lower anterior teeth to esthetic and phonetic positions.
  • Posterior occlusion will be taught through demonstration and participation.
  • The experimental denture will be inserted and students will learn how to interpret and manipulate the tissue conditioner.
  • Patient will wear the dentures overnight and then refinement procedures will be performed to provide for the development of sophisticated dentures.
  • Total time will be 2 1/2 days of lecture and demonstration.